Keyword Placement – What Is Your On Page SEO Strategy?

Keyword Placement – What Is Your On Page SEO Strategy?

While doing your keyword research, remember that choosing the best keywords is everything when have an online business. Where you put your keywords is also very important for your on page SEO, making sure this is setup correct will help you with your future profits.

Remember that the placement of your keywords is just as important as the choice of keywords you choose in the beginning of your keyword research.

Way to many people doing business online fail to realize the importance of keyword research. What will happen if you don’t choose the best keywords for your website, you will pay the price by not being discovered by the search engines or ranking poorly in the search engines.


Below I’m going to give you a list of important On Page SEO placement tips for keywords. Keep these recommendations in mind when designing the layout of your websites and the content you will include on your website.



Title Meta Tags

It will be very important for you to keep the meta tag information for your website to fewer than 60 characters. Make sure you add your best keywords here so it grabs the searchers attention when they see your tittle meta tag for your website, plus gets your ranked for your best keywords.



Header Tags

The header tags within your content will be a great places to include your best keywords.

This will not only be good for the search engines to pick up on but also for the readers who are known to skim articles looking for important clues in your websites sub headings.

If you have bolded headings that include your best keywords, what will happen is those keywords will be noticed by the search engines and readers alike.


Bold and Italics

Throughout your article there are often terms that are important enough to be emphasized. It is common to do this with bold letters and italics.

Make sure that you use this simple but powerful technique with the keywords you have selected so that you are bringing more attention to these words within your articles, doing this will get your visitors and the search engines to understand your websites main points.



Content Is King

It will be very important for you to make sure that you are using your best keywords within your content. If you want the best possible results, make sure that your keywords are placed near the top, the bottom, and the middle of your web page article.

This gives the impression of consistent information throughout and once the search engine spiders catch on to this, the search engines will start to identify your website as an authority on the topic of your websites niche.

Make sure your content is appropriate to your target audience, reader friendly, and informative in addition to being search engine friendly if you really want to make those important sales.



Links should Have Anchor Text

Your links should have anchor text. Whether these links are to your affiliate links, links to a different blogs in your niche, or just other websites related to your website, this will call attention to your anchor text links by you using your primary and/or secondary keyword phrases as anchor text for these links.




Meta Keyword Description

This will be your opportunity to let the search engines know what your website is about by letting them get a good idea of the keywords you’ve selected.

It is a must that you include your best keywords in your meta keyword description or the search engine spiders might associate you with keywords that get greater competition or that do not generate as much traffic as you would like.

There are other things you can do in order to optimize your site for search engines but employing these Powerful On Page SEO keyword placement strategies can make all the difference in the world for the success or failure of your Internet Business.  Checkout our free keyword research tool.

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So You Have Your Perfect Keywords – So Whats Next?

So You Have Your Perfect Keywords – So Whats Next?

OK, so you have worked long hours to find the best keywords that you believe are going to get money rolling into your website.



Now, what will you do you do with all these amazing money making nuggets?

OK, now you need to keep in mind when deciding how you are going to proceed with the creation and search engine optimization for your website by using your keywords very creatively.

If you are are unable to write your website copy yourself, than it will be a good idea to invest in a qualified copywriter to do the job for you.

Not everyone has a way with words, some people find that writing is tedious and they will put things off for so long that projects never get completed leaving these wonderful keywords that you researched to waste away along with all of your effort in finding your keywords.



If you are able to lend a “voice” to your business, you are in a good position to do the writing for your website yourself. Think about it, Who knows your business better than you do, right?

While video and podcasts are all over websites now a days, content still remains king—this includes written content.

There are few ways around the importance of keywords, when writing content for your website, you will need to get the attention of search engines so your website will rank well on them.

When writing your content, it needs to be written well to convert into sales, it will be very important for you to learn how to appeal to your targeted audience on an emotional level, while promoting your products or services ethically and ensuring that you are working the target keywords into the content whenever possible.



What you need to do to make the most of your search engine optimization efforts, will be to make sure to include your keywords in the title, subheadings and wording within the content that is either in bold or italicized for emphasis, as anchor text for links, and in the first and last paragraph of the text.

New technology is allowing websites to recognize close matches to your keywords, but for now it is still important to use your keywords throughout your content in order to maximize your optimization efforts.  Our Free Keyword Research Tool will Help you a lot with this.



You can use synonyms, plurals, and other similar phrases as additional keywords to supplement your search engine optimization efforts, but your primary goal and focus should be on the exact keyword phrases will work best for your website.

Make sure you also include the keywords in your meta tags. This is something that most website owners who are using software programs to build or create their websites will often overlook.



If you feel you are lacking the expertise to do all this yourself, be sure to find someone that you can hire to do this for you.  Remember, you want your website to be well written to grab peoples attention.

This will be money well spent, just like how investing in someone to write your content would be, if you struggle with the written language or have no interest in writing at all.

Once you’ve created your website, written the content, and have everything ready to go, it is vital that you track the results in order to see where your investment of money, time, energy, and effort is paying off the most for you.

By using keyword research tools like Google Analytics, you can keep track of your visitors as well as how your keywords are performing for you.

Use the information you will learn from the Google Analytics service to change and to make adjustments to your keywords whenever appropriate and refine your keyword research efforts for your future projects.

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How To Get Quality Website Traffic Using Keywords

How To Get Quality Website Traffic Using Keywords

I remember when we first got started, we thought the key to making a lot of money was to get tons of free website traffic, but thank goodness we learned very fast that quality free website traffic is the key to getting your website to make money.

Thankfully, more and more Internet marketers are beginning to discover that quality website traffic is much more important, in many cases than the quantity of traffic.



Most marketers have shifted towards doing more keyword research to address this problem, so your website gets targeted website traffic.  Who want’s to get traffic to their website from internet surfers that are not looking for what you are selling?

The real question you should be asking yourself is, how can you find the best keywords for your website using keyword research to find the best keywords that will deliver visitors that are looking to buy your products and services from you?

Keyword research is not always so cut and dry, I wish it was. This is where you will need to start thinking outside the box when doing your keyword research and seeking answers that will help you with your research.



So, how are you going to get quality traffic without focusing on the quantity of traffic?

You might be asking yourself this right now, I need more sales so would more traffic get me more sales?

The answer is NO! Don’t you think it would be better to get fewer visitors that are interested in what you are selling so you can make more sales?

You need to find out what is working well for your competition and learn how to do your keyword research better than your competition does their research.

You can use our free keyword research tool to help you with the other keyword research tools below.



If you are wondering how you can do this, consider visiting the popular keyword research sites.  Use our free keyword suggestion tool and other keyword tools, by typing in the keywords you are considering, and taking the time to really study the top 20 results from each of these tools.

The tools you might want to use for this exercise include: SEO Book, WordTracker, Google Sandbox Tool, and any other tools you have been using in order to narrow your selection of keywords.

Take the time and carefully study the websites that you will be competing with, to see how you can improve on what they are doing.



Make sure while you are studying these websites be sure to take a look at other keywords that are being promoted on these websites.

Make a keyword list and see what keyword ideas come from your keyword list that you just did.

When picking keywords, you want to find what keywords are well searched in the search engines. You also want to find keywords that have little competition. It’s going to be very important for you to find a balance between the two.



The ideal keyword will be well searched AND offer little competition. Avoid spending too much time and/or energy on one or the other.

Instead, you need to find the best keywords that will work well for both situations.

When writing your content, you want to offer your readers relevant information that will be helpful to them.

Make sure the content you writing has the keywords in it. If you want your website to ranking for the keywords you picked out, you must use the keywords in your content, this is a must.



The main thing that is going to make you money, isn’t getting people to your website in the first place, it will be keeping your readers on your website longer than 3 seconds.

You can do it, but it will never work if you are not offering your readers something of substance, your reader need to be wowed.

More importantly though, you will need to offer your readers something better and more engaging than your competition.

Learn to appeal to your readers on an emotional level, this will allow you to pull them in. If you figure this out, half the battle has been won for you.

Do this by finding and using the right keywords. Learn to focus on quality rather than quantity.  Using the correct keywords will have your conversion rate soaring.

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Why Is Choosing The Best Keywords For Your Website So Important?

Why Is Choosing The Best Keywords For Your Website So Important?

When you first get started with keyword research, you will learn that keywords phrases and long tail keywords are used by online searchers when searching for a product or information on any particular subject.



Choosing the correct long tail keyword or keyword phrases can be the difference between your website getting a high volume traffic or your website becoming a virtual ghost town.

If your number one goal is to get your website better search engine ranking, it will be an absolute must that you master the art of finding the best keywords to bring in big traffic to your website.



The main goal for the search engines is to rank your website pages according to the keywords that you used in the text you wrote on your website.

That’s why it is so important you choose the best keywords , since it can mean a world of difference in your website ranking high in the search engines.

Remember, the better your website rankings are, the more likely your website will get a lot of website traffic from online searchers who are looking for what your site has to offer.



Choosing the proper keywords for your website is one of the most important thing you can do for your SEO on your website.

So, remember before you make any big decisions about the content on your website,  you will need to decide what are the best keywords you will want to target.

This is were our powerful free keyword research tool can help you a lot with which keywords people are searching for right now in the search engines.



You need to have very specific and be well thought out on what keywords you are going to use for your website.

It’s also very important for you to choose the best keywords that will best target your audience for your website so you can make sales.

If you choose the wrong keywords, you will get little or no website traffic from the search engines to your website.

The keyword research you do is very important, because it will allow you to define your best targeted audience.

What this means is that by selecting the right keywords you will be able to attract buyers to your website that will be looking for what you have to offer rather than those who are just window shopping or looking for something completely unrelated to your product.

That’s why taking your time to do your keyword research is so important to getting targeted website traffic.

Targeted website traffic is the Holy Grail in Internet marketing, it will maximize your effort and your profit potential, so please take your time.

Make sure that you use the best keywords throughout your website, article headings, sub headings, and in the title of your web pages.



It’s best to target a few choice keywords on your website that are related to one another so that the search engines will have more than one keyword term to identify with your website.

With hope this article on keyword research has allow you to see the how important it is to understand the importance of your websites keywords in building your website.

If you don’t properly understand the importance of keyword research, you will have a difficult time building a profitable website.

You should also avoid over-saturation of keywords or keyword stuffing as this action can cause big harm to your website ranking high in the search engines.



One last thing, remember to have your keywords spaced out within your content on your web pages, rather than bunched together to look as though you are “stuffing” your content with keywords.

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What You Should Know When Using Online Keyword Research Tools

What You Should Know When Using Online Keyword Research Tools

There are a lot of good keyword research tools that are available for those who are online business owners.

Choosing the best keyword tools for your business is an essential step in maximizing your website’s profit potential.



The best way to find out what keyword tools work best the best for you, is by testing a lot of them out so you can make an informed decision.

This will allow you to test these tools out so you will know which tools will help your business out the most.

It’s also a good idea to see for yourself which keyword tools are the most accurate for which details you think are the most important at helping your website to rank it’s best.

Try to remember that keyword tools are just that, they are not forecasters or predictors, they are just tools that help make your keyword research a lot easier.

They cannot and will not tell you how well your site will compete with other similar websites, I wish there was a tool like this, maybe I should try to build one.  But for now you can give my free keyword suggestion tool out, its free and you have nothing to lose.



They can only give you a report on which keywords get the most traffic or how many websites are optimized for the keywords you are thing about using.

They only can offer nothing more than facts,  it’s up to you to do the work of getting your website to rank well in the search engines and the more practice you have the better you will get at researching keywords.

Some of the online tools for doing keyword research offer more details than others, this is where your testing them out will help you a lot.

Some offer very specific details about certain things like, search volume or the number of websites that currently exist centering on a specific niche.



You will find that some research tools offer a more helpful interface than others.

There might be different reasons to choose one tool over another. You may find out that a combination of several different keyword research tools will be your best bet for getting the keywords that will deliver your website the best results time and time again.

The WordTracker keyword tool offers something a little different from the competition in the form of a Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

When you are using this tool for your campaigns you will want to find the keywords that rate greater than 100 for ideal results.



A 100-400 will be a great score in most cases.

Anything better than 400 is generally viewed as a prize to be valued, meaning that you are very luck you found it, but to get the most out of the WordTracker keyword tool you will need to upgrade your account.  Our free keyword suggestion software will be able to do this kind of keyword research very soon.



Now remember, there are always exceptions to the rules, you need to test and be sure that your research is good before you get too excited, the more you do your research the better you will get at this.

No matter how high the score may be with the WordTracker Keyword Tool, you should always consider the amount of competition for your keyword before you get to excited.

Remember, when you use online tools to assist you in your keyword research, you NEED to remember is other internet marketer have access to these same keyword research tools, so you need to get very creative on how you learn to use these tools for your success.

When you first get started with learning how to do keyword research, it will be wise of you to plan to adopt a “slow and steady” attitude.

Now take action and become a keyword research expert and start getting your website ranked high in google and the other search engines :-).

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How To Make Wise Decisions When Choosing Keywords

Making Wise Decisions When Doing Your Keyword Research

The keywords that you will be choosing for your website is one of the most important decisions you will make for your website, this will either make or break your website.  Listen up so you can do this right the first time 🙂

When doing your keyword research is of vital importance not only to conveying the overall purpose of your website.

When using the correct keywords for your website this will help your website gain the authority in the search engines, what this will do is get the people that are searching in the search engines to be pointed in the right direction.



That’s why using long tail keywords with proper research is a must for any marketer building a website that they want to make money.  Using the Google Keyword Planner and our free keyword suggestion tool will point you in the right direction to do your keyword research.


How to use Google Keyword Planner for FREE


Knowing your keywords phrases and your long tail keywords are vitally important. You need to learn how to select your keywords and incorporate them into your website.

Before you build your website you need to select the keywords you wish to use.

This means that you need to have an idea of what niche you want to build your website around, this beginning stage is very important.

Let’s get back to the plan for our keyword research though. The first thing you need to do in order to find potentially profitable keywords for your website, is to learn what people are searching for.



There are tools you can use to do this—many of them are available at no cost to you and some (which in all honesty are easier to use) cost money, I think the Google Keyword Planner is your best choice since it’s free and has very detailed information for you about your keywords.

It is up to you which one is the better solution in the beginning for you.

Over time you may choose to find a paid service to assist you in your keyword research. But until you are turning a profit with your website, it’s a good idea to stick with free methods.  Like the Google Keyword Planner and Our free keyword research tool.



Once you have learned the terms people are searching for and how many people are searching for your keyword terms. Now it’s time to do a different kind of leg work for your keyword research.

Are you ready?  Now it’s time to search for variations to the keywords that you are going to be using.

This usually requires a different service than the one you will use to see how many people are searching for popular search terms.

Google has an excellent tool called the Google Keyword Planner, it is free and really good at helping you come up with great keyword phrases that have real potential.  Plus you can use our free keyword software also.



Once you’ve got a few keyword phrases on your list and you know which keyword phrases people are searching for in the search engines, it’s time to move on to the next stage in this process.

The next stage is to check out the search competition of your keywords.

Find out what the competition is for the keywords you want to use, you will need to take a look at the competition you will be facing. It’s better for you to be a really big fish in a small pond than it is to be a little fish trying to get noticed in an ocean.



What I’m trying to say is you want to find great keyword terms that are well searched but have little competition for you.

I know this may seem like a difficult task, but if you stay focused, there may be a few more gems remaining if you are patient enough to find other great keywords to use.

You will need to take the necessary steps to find the ideal keywords.

One thing that separates those who are going places in Internet marketing from those who are not making money online online from Internet marketing.   Do you have what it takes to make the right decisions about keywords?

We think you do 🙂

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How To Finalize Your Keyword Research To Get The Best Results?

How To Finalize Your Keyword Research For The Best Results?

When you are putting the finishing touches on your keyword research list, there are a few other things you should consider that will help you refine your keyword research focus even further, so you can get the best results.



You know, all too well, that not all traffic is good traffic. Remember, the quality of the traffic your website receives, is very important when it comes to your website making lots of sales or just a few making a few sales.

Limiting your competition by using long tail keywords is one of the best ways you can ensure that your website will make the sales you have worked so hard to earn.



Finding the right keywords by using the Google Keyword Planner and our powerful free keyword suggestion tool will make your keyword research a lot more successful when you are targeting the correct people that are looking for a website like yours, that’s why using long tail keywords will also limit the amount of websites your website is competing with.

It’s a lot easier to get your website to the top of a search engine listing that only has 4,000 to 7,000 competing websites, than it is to rank your website at the top of the search engine rankings when there are 20,000,000 competing websites.



You want to make sure that your keyword competition is as small as possible so that you can rise to the top of the search engines, that’s why I always recommend using long tail keywords, there keys words will give you the best bang for your buck.

So, how will you refine the focus and limit your competition? What you need to do, instead of creating a website that is dedicated to spaghetti makers, create website that is dedicated to the KitchenAid Spaghetti Maker Attachment.

By making this little but powerful change will get your website ranking faster.  You need to watch the searches you make in the search engines when you are looking for a product, if you watch yourself you will learn how to find the best search terms that people are looking for.

Here is the key to your keyword research success, how much work you are willing to put into the keyword research process.  This will determine whether or not the keywords you are researching are good keyword choices for your website.

Remember, at the end of the day, the less competition your site has, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings with you being consistent on your efforts.



The more competition your website has, the more effort you will need to make to get the search engine results you are looking for.

Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner with our free keyword suggestion software to help you find out how well searched a keyword term is searched before deciding to use it on your site.

Keep in mind that seasonal keywords are seasonal. If you want an accurate idea of what to expect, it will be a good idea to begin researching for these keywords during the “off” seasons for these search terms.



You need to take your time researching what keywords people are searching for in the niche that you what you website built around.  Knowing this will take your website rankings and sales to a whole new level, take your time.

Make sure you follow thru on everything I wrote in this article, this will make a world of difference when you are refining the best keywords to use in your keyword selection process.

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How to Choose The Best Keywords For Your Keyword Research

How to Choose The Best Keywords For Your Keyword Research

Do you need a little advice when it comes to choosing the right keywords to use for your keyword research? Who doesn’t, I know I’m learning new things everyday about how to do keyword research better?

Finding the best keywords is one of the most important and best things you can do to boost your business branding for optimizing your website for the search engines.

If you have optimized your website for the wrong keywords, then this will be a complete waste of your time, effort, money, and energy.

You do not want to invest tons of time into keyword research that is not going to pay off when all is said and done.

Demystifying the Keyword Research Selection Process

While keyword research may seem like a big mystery; once you have learned how to choose the correct keywords, this process will become much easier for you over time.

The first thing you will need to do, is determine what type of website you are going to be creating. Websites that are database driven (or dynamic sites) can be optimized for virtually a limitless supply of keywords.



If your site is a static site, which is a site that isn’t driven by a database you are more limited in your options for keywords and you will need to be far more selective of the keywords you choose.

For this reason it would be better to determine the type of website you are going to create before you begin the keyword selection process.

Now that you’ve narrowed down the type of website you can now begin to select the best keywords for your website.

Static sites perform better with highly targeted long tail keyword phrases and variations that include singles and plurals.

Now you will need to select one or two keyword phrases and focusing on those within a static site that will pay off much better than spreading the focus between too many keywords, which could seem like stuffing keywords to the search engines.

Dynamic sites, on the other hand, are a giant buffet for keywords. You can optimize your website for as many keywords as you are interested in creating pages to promote them.



No you will need to start Brainstorming for a list of potential keywords or keyword phrases based on what type of website you are going to create. Once you have a list you can use the following criteria to eliminate and narrow your list.

How long is this Keyword Research Phrase Going To Take?

The longer you spend on this keyword research phrase, the more likely you will be to generate traffic that will convert into sales for your website. As long as the keyword phrases are being searched; this keyword phases will convert into more sales for you and your website.



For this reason you should avoid creating keyword phrases that are so long that no one is searching for them.

You want to use keywords that are being searched in the search engines, so that you can get the traffic that will convert to sales for you website. You also want to use long tail keywords that have less competition.

You can use our free keyword suggestion tool to help you find long tail keywords that people are searching for right now in the search engines.

Who will be using the Keyword phrase?

One thing that you do not want to do, is to create a website that only attracts those who are only looking for information and not looking to buy things from you.

What is the point to creating a ton of website traffic to your site if you aren’t going to make any sales for all the effort you put into setting your website up.

So make sure when you are doing your keyword research, that you use these ideas in your keyword research strategy that you should find that you are not only selecting keywords that generate traffic – but also keywords that convert into sales for you.

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Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research Process

It is very important you develop a winning system for your keyword research.

The way a lot of online marketers narrow down and refine their keyword research, is using a three step system that involves using various free online keyword tools to assist them in this process.

This three step process may seem complicated when you get started at first, but this keyword research process is very ingenious when it comes to helping you in developing profitable keywords within a narrowly defined keyword niche.

Step 1

Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to generate keywords.



Step 2

Enter those keywords into our free keyword suggestion tool to find out what keywords people are searching for now in the search engines.



Step 3

Search for the keywords that you are thinking about using in the Google search area. This will give you the opportunity to see how many websites you will be competing against, but this will also give you a chance to take a look at what the competition is offering their visitors.



This could be like the products they are promoting, and whether or not you believe you can do better job than they are doing.

The main overall goal, is to have the keywords that are being searched more often, but offer less competition, like long tail keywords.



This is a very big must that you need to do so you can convert your traffic into sales, this should be your top goal, and the goal of most Internet marketers.

You might be asking yourself, is there simpler methods for achieving the same goal, the answer is yes, but most of time they will cost you a lot of money.

As far as utilizing our free methods, our three step process is the best free way available at the moment, and easy to use once you get the hang of things.

If this strategy isn’t one that you are interested in implementing for your business plan, you will need to develop some simple strategy that will work for you.

Failing to do so will leave you without a reliable method for testing your keywords, tracking all your results, and discovering whether or not some of your keywords are performing better than other keywords.

This will also cost you a great deal of time focusing on campaigns that offer too much competition or are receiving too few searches.

Either possibility will result in fewer sales for you and far less profit.

Remember, Even after you’ve made the effort to find the keywords that seem perfect for your niche, you will need to measure your efforts carefully in order to determine which keywords for your niche are actually converting into sales for you.



This may take you time, but once you find out which keywords are going to be the most profitable, than you will be able to launch more campaigns that will drive traffic searching for those keywords to your website(s).

The best things is that you will learn over time, is that those who are searching for your specific keywords are more likely to convert better into actual sales for you than those that typed in other keywords.

It’s going to be very important for you to learn how to identify the buyers from the casual internet surfers or information seekers and you will need to learn how to tailor to your marketing campaigns so you can attract to those vitally important buyers.

This keyword research data is something that will come in over time, and by you paying close attention to where your keywords are leading your visitors and which keywords are taking them there.

Now you need to take action and put these powerful three steps mentioned above to work for you.   Performing keyword research is a great way to learn more about keyword research, and a great place for you to start.


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Bill Portnova & Mike Murphy