Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research Process

It is very important you develop a winning system for your keyword research.

The way a lot of online marketers narrow down and refine their keyword research, is using a three step system that involves using various free online keyword tools to assist them in this process.

This three step process may seem complicated when you get started at first, but this keyword research process is very ingenious when it comes to helping you in developing profitable keywords within a narrowly defined keyword niche.

Step 1

Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to generate keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool



Step 2

Enter those keywords into our free keyword suggestion tool to find out what keywords people are searching for now in the search engines.


free keyword research tool


Step 3

Search for the keywords that you are thinking about using in the Google search area. This will give you the opportunity to see how many websites you will be competing against, but this will also give you a chance to take a look at what the competition is offering their visitors.


Google search area


This could be like the products they are promoting, and whether or not you believe you can do better job than they are doing.

The main overall goal, is to have the keywords that are being searched more often, but offer less competition, like long tail keywords.


longtail keyword research


This is a very big must that you need to do so you can convert your traffic into sales, this should be your top goal, and the goal of most Internet marketers.

You might be asking yourself, is there simpler methods for achieving the same goal, the answer is yes, but most of time they will cost you a lot of money.

As far as utilizing our free methods, our three step process is the best free way available at the moment, and easy to use once you get the hang of things.

If this strategy isn’t one that you are interested in implementing for your business plan, you will need to develop some simple strategy that will work for you.

Failing to do so will leave you without a reliable method for testing your keywords, tracking all your results, and discovering whether or not some of your keywords are performing better than other keywords.

This will also cost you a great deal of time focusing on campaigns that offer too much competition or are receiving too few searches.

Either possibility will result in fewer sales for you and far less profit.

Remember, Even after you’ve made the effort to find the keywords that seem perfect for your niche, you will need to measure your efforts carefully in order to determine which keywords for your niche are actually converting into sales for you.


keywords for your niche


This may take you time, but once you find out which keywords are going to be the most profitable, than you will be able to launch more campaigns that will drive traffic searching for those keywords to your website(s).

The best things is that you will learn over time, is that those who are searching for your specific keywords are more likely to convert better into actual sales for you than those that typed in other keywords.

It’s going to be very important for you to learn how to identify the buyers from the casual internet surfers or information seekers and you will need to learn how to tailor to your marketing campaigns so you can attract to those vitally important buyers.

This keyword research data is something that will come in over time, and by you paying close attention to where your keywords are leading your visitors and which keywords are taking them there.

Now you need to take action and put these powerful three steps mentioned above to work for you.   Performing keyword research is a great way to learn more about keyword research, and a great place for you to start.


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